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Montana Butterfly
Variegated Water Snowflake (Nymphoides)

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Montana Butterfly or Nymphoides indica, is a lovely little pond plant with one inch in diameter, delicate, white, fringed blooms that stand 1/4 to 1/2 inch above the green, variegated foliage that look like small lily pads. The plant has a 12 - 24 inch spread and the pads are small, usually 2 -3 inches in diameter. Montana Butterfly blooms all summer long until frost. Though this  plant appears to float on the surface of the water, it must be planted in soil. Native to the southern hemisphere, the name Montana makes little sense to us, though it has been called that here in the United States for some time. Montana Butterfly is one of the most delightful pond plants we have seen! Montana Butterfly is perfect for small ponds or container gardens. Considered an annual in the north and must be protected from cold temperatures. 


Cannot ship potted into California. 
also known as : Nymphoides indica

Height   Grows to 1/2 inch above the surface of the water, 2 - 3 inch pads lay on the surface of the water

Width   Can spread 1 - 2 feet across the surface of the water

Light Requirements   Full Sun to Part Shade

Planting Depths   Plant in 3 -  4 inch pots using loam soil and place 3 - 20 inches beneath the surface of the water

Moisture Needs   Wet, Must be planted in water--prefers calm water

Bloom Time   All summer until frost

 Zone   Hardy in zones 8 - 11




Montana Butterfly does well in full sun to part shade. Plant these beauties in shallow water at the edge of your pond using small containers, at least 3 - 4 inches in diameter and sandy-loam soil, and place containers in the water with 3 - 20 inches of water of water above the top of the pot. These can be planted along with taller plants near the surface of the water at the edge of the pond, to hide planting containers. Never top your containers with stones or pebbles, you can top off the last inch of your container with sand. Montana Butterfly will not tolerate dry conditions and will not overwinter where it freezes. Montana Butterfly prefers calm water.

Sandy-Loam Soil is a 50/50 mix of sand and topsoil, both sand and topsoil can be purchased at Lowe's or Homes Depot


Louisiana and North Carolina have restricted this plant. It will not be shipped to either state. 

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