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Waterlily World Pond Tabs + Humates (Choose Size)

Pond Plants, Water Lilies, & Live goods ship in Spring & Summer during your proper growing seasons. Check by email for availability to ship other times of the year.
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 Great For Plants! Easy to use!  Waterlily World Pond Tablets 

Waterlily World Fertilizer Tabs

Fertilizer tablets for waterlilies, lotus and almost all other aquatic plants! Fast acting fertilizer tabs that allow their nutrients to go to work quickly, giving plants a strong start and healthy diet. with a 10-14-8 NPK ratio. Plant tabs will not dissolve in the water before you get them in the plant containers. So easy to use, just push the tabs gently into the soil, 2 tablets per gallon of soil, every four weeks, spring until fall. 100% fish safe and will not cause algae. Keep your plants in optimum health and blooming beautifully. Use Waterlilly World Fertilizer Tabs + Humates for vigorous growth and best bloom!


Available in
60 Tablets
300 Tablets
& 1200 Tablets


Please note: Never fertilize lotus until you have at least two aerial leaves growing out of the water. If you fertilize too early, you will kill your lotus plant.

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