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Thalia Dealbata
Our Favorite for so many reasons!

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 Thalia Dealbata (aka, Hardy Water Canna)

Thalia Dealbata or Hardy Water Canna, is a lovely aquatic plant with large, handsome, blue-green leaves. In mid-summer, taller spikes of purple blooms emerge in clusters. Foliage grows to 3 feet tall in height and flowers bloom on taller stems. Native to wetlands in parts of Nebraska to New York and through southern United States. Beautiful blue-green foliage is canna-like in appearance with interesting, purple flower spikes that grow taller than the foliage. When planted in large containers or planters, these plants make a striking focal point adding beauty and grace to your water garden setting.

*Also known as Hardy Canna, Powdery Thalia or Powdery Alligator Flag and is a member of the Marantaceae

Great for water gardens and earth bottom ponds. This is not a plant that koi, carp, or turtles tend to target. Great for erosion control. Great replacement for the very invasive cattails. 


Height  Foliage grows 3 feet or a little taller and the beautiful purple flowers which come on all summer stand above the striking, beautiful foliage

Width   3 foot spread or wider

Sunlight Requirements  Full sun

Moisture Requirements  Wet with up to 10 inches of water above the soil

Bloom  Purple flowers bloom in Mid June through August above the foliage

Zone  Hardy in zones 6 - 12



Plant in moist, loam soil with a few inches of water over the roots. Can be planted in 12 inch wide pots that are 12 inch deep, (5  - 20 gallon pots work well too) and placed in the pond with up to 10 inches of water above the crown of the plant, or naturalized in marshy soil or wetlands. Thalia Dealbata grows well in full sun to part shade. Hardy to zone 6 - 12

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