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small dwarf, buy nymphaea dwarf water lily

Dwarf and Small Hardy Water Lilies

Dwarf and Small Hardy Water Lily Varieties grow mainly in 6 to 18 inches of water, they will not do well with koi over 6 inches but are fine with all goldfish. They still love as much direct sunlight as you can provide as well as 3 fertilizer tablets per month or half the treatment of landon waterlily fertilizer that you may treat a large variety. We would never recommend surrounding these with even small stones as the rhizomes are small and tender. Fertilize monthly during growing season. Will do great in summer in a container garden (18 to 40 inches wide).
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$5.10 - $5.79
8" Adjustable Fabric PlanterGreat for low growing marginal plants on the shelf of a pond!     8"  Adjustable Fabric Planters are  PERFECT for low growing,  marginals and surface water garden plants. Planting containers have adjustable sides and can stand 12" tall or be folded down to 6". Marsh Marigolds...
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$6.82 - $7.75
Perfect for Marginal Plants! 14" Wide Adjustable Fabric Planter   14" Adjustable Fabric Planter is perfect for medium or tall marginal plants or any medium or large waterlily. Fill with heavy loam soil and add fertilizer tablets. (The sides of the fabric planters may be rolled down to desired height) ...
Quick look
Perfect for you waterlilies! 12 x 5 Water Lily Planting Container   12 " in diameter and 5 " deep, provides best performance for annual waterlilies and the smallest bowl lotus. Some pond owners mistakenly believe that their new pond plants will simply float on the surface of the water....
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Save 29%
Plant description Ruby Star is a SUPER STAR!  HEAVY BLOOMING SMALL WATERLILY! Ruby Star Waterlily has perfectly shaped, stellate blooms that are in shades of radiant,  rosy-red! The red flowers are complemented with attractive, green pads, which makes for a perfect pairing. Ruby Star is an attractive addition to any...
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Save 13%
Plant description Perry's Baby Red Hardy Waterlily has rich, rosy-red color with lighter outer petals. Lily pads are green.This little waterlily has a 2-3' spread and is just adorable in small ponds, as well as tub and container gardens. Planting instructions Plant this waterlily in a 2-4 gallon container, using...
Quick look
 Great for Smaller Lotus or Medium-Large Waterlily!     16 x 7 " deep,  Water Lily Planting Container   16" x 7' deep Provides best performance for waterlilies and small lotus. It is the correct width for rhizomes to produce multiple flowers. We recommend that you use loam soil to...
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Save 25%
$11.95 - $139.00
 Great For Plants! Easy to use!  Waterlily World Pond Tablets  Fertilizer tablets for waterlilies, lotus and almost all other aquatic plants! Fast acting fertilizer tabbs that allow their nutrients to go to work quickly, giving plants a strong start and healthy diet. with a 10-14-8 NPK ratio. Plant tabbs will...
Save 17%
Out of stock
Plant description A splendid and refreshing shade of red on this outstanding, hardy waterlily. The blooms are 4-6" and stand high above the small, solid green lily pads. The outer petals of this waterlily flower  are a little lighter, almost white, on this delightful hybrid. Planting instructions Place this robust...
Save 17%
Out of stock
Charlie's Choice Hardy Waterlily  Plant Description Charlie's Choice is a unique and unusual, hardy waterlily in shades of  reddish-pink to reddish-peach with solid green pads, from hybridizer, Dr. Kirk Strawn. This little cherub is a small sized waterlily with 2-3" blooms and a 2-3' spread and is perfect for container gardens...
Save 6%
Out of stock
Plant description Hermine is a classic white waterlily that adds beauty and grace to your pond! Hermine Hardy White Waterlily is an exquisite white waterlily that was hybridized in 1910 by Latour-Marliac. It is an exquisite, white waterlily with tulip flowers with long, white, pointed petals and yellow stamens. The...
Save 23%
Out of stock
Plant description Andreana Waterlily has lovely red blooms that darken as  the bloom matures. The pads are green with red blotches. Small in size but BIG on beauty. The flower is beautiful and the pads are simply stunning!This little gem will grace any small pond, tub or container garden. Blooms...
Save 29%
Out of stock
Plant description Small, 3" , rosy-pink blooms with a hint of yellow on this delightful little waterlily. Lush, green, lightly speckled pads add interest to this cherubic specimen! Great for container gardens and tubs! Planting instructions Place "Little Sue" 8-24" beneath the surface of the water, in full sun. Always fertilize...
Save 17%
Out of stock
Plant description Denver Waterlily is a lovely, creamy-white, free flowering waterlily with handsome green foliage. This elegant specimen has double blooms and adds elegance and grace to your water garden feature.  Planting instructions  Plant this waterlily specimen in a large container 2-7 gallons, or larger using heavy loam soil and...
Save 29%
Out of stock
Plant description Berit Strawn Hardy Peach Waterlily is a small waterlily with pretty, peach colored, cup shaped blooms, outer petals are lighter and pads are lightly mottled. Always a customer favorite!A dainty specimen for small ponds, tub or container gardens. A delightful little addition to any area of your water garden...
Save 16%
Out of stock
Plant description Pink Sparkle Waterlily is stellate in shape in a scrumptious shade of pink! The pads are green and slightly mottled. This little gem will look dazzling in any small pond, or tub or container garden.  Planting instructions Plant in a 10-12" container using heavy loam soil and place...
Save 16%
Out of stock
Plant description This very small red water lily is a very good bloomer and perfect for small sunny ponds or container gardens. Flowers tend to sit on the surface. They can tolerate even more shallow water where it is warm and the additional light will reward you with more flowers. Planting...
Out of stock
Plant description Helvola Waterlily is an adorable, little waterlily with delightful  2-3" yellow, star -shaped blooms and heavily mottled  3-5" pads. One of the very smallest waterlilies that we sell. This little miniature will bloom and bloom for you. A sweet addition to a very small pond, tub or container...
Out of stock
Plant description Gonnère Waterlily is rich in appearance with sumptuous, full, cup shaped, double blooms in crisp- white. Free flowering with a 4-6' spread and light scent. An excellent choice for medium to large ponds.  Planting instructions Plant in heavy loam soil in a very large (2-7 gallon) container, place...
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