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Buy Small Pond Lotus Dwarf

Dwarf / Small lotus for sale

Dwarf or Small Lotus are classified as no larger than 3 feet tall. They can flower in pots as short as 12 or 14 inches wide but remember going wider will result in many more flowers. Dwarf lotus also should not have more than 3 or 4 inches of water above the soil line. Dwarf lotus do great in the pond near the surface and also on a tabletop or sunny patio for the summertime. Lotus are shipped only in spring (March-Early May) as dormant tubers (like a skinny potato) and cannot be moved or transplanted once growing actively. We send wonderful healthy tubers with multiple growth tips and they should certainly bloom the first year planted given you follow the great directions provided in the box with each lotus order.
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Plant Description Ai Jiangnan Lotus is a sparkling little specimen with bright-yellow blooms tipped in pastel shades of pink and green! Lovely green foliage makes a nice contrast to the sunny yellow blooms! A bright, sunny addition to your water garden feature!        Dwarf-Medium/Yellow/Single-Petal Planting Instructions Plant this...
$37.00 - $42.00
Plant description American Three Color Lotus has dreamy, creamy-white petals with pink tips and yellow stamens. A pleasing and elegant color combination that is complemented nicely with the medium green foliage. This lovely pond plant with classic, single-petal flowers looks great when planted in front of taller specimens for a...
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Plant description Apricot Blossom Lotus has breathtaking blooms!  1st day flower is orange-red. Blooms change each day, last day blooms are white with pink tips. Dwarf-Medium in size, a breathtaking bloom on this multi-petal lotus!Absolutely magical! Apricot Blossom Lotus will look heavenly in your water garden setting. This is a CHANGEABLE...
$37.00 - $42.00
Plant description Apricot Pink Lotus has rich, full, carnation-pink blooms edged in darker pink giving the flower depth and interest. This is a dwarf-medium lotus with multi-petal flowers in sumptuous shades of pink!A standout in your water garden feature in your pond or on your patio. Also beautiful when placed...
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Plant Description Autumn In Moling is an exceptionally beautiful, yellow lotus. The long, pointed petals on this outstanding specimen create a fabulous drape on this lovely lotus. Dwarf-Medium/Yellow/Double Planting Instructions Lotus should be planted in the month of May, after all danger of frost has passed. (Lotus tubers can be...
Plant Description Baby Doll Lotus is a petite, crisp-white lotus specimen with bright -yellow receptacles and emerald-green foliage. This little pixie will add a lovely-lively touch to your water garden setting! Excellent little bloomer once established! Dwarf/White/Single-Petal Planting Instructions Plant your lotus tuber in the month of May, after all...
$37.00 - $42.00
Plant description Beautiful Dancer Lotus has many, many blooms and is an early bloomer to boot! 1st day flowers are a cheerful, bright pink changing to white with soft yellows and pink edges. Bright-yellow receptacles and creamy-yellow anthers add to the luminous quality of this delightful specimen. Dwarf/Single-petal/Changeable  Planting instrutions...
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Plant Description Brilliant Red Competition Lotus has remarkable flowers with a hint of orange-red on the first day blooms. The flowers are in a delicious shade of fresh-pink and often edged in a sumptuous shade of rosy-red. A lively lotus with multiple blooms that brings joy and energy to your...
Plant description Camellia Red Lotus has FABULOUS, vivid -pink blooms adorned with heavy red veining on lovely double flowers.  Grows 2-3' tall and looks amazing in your pond or in pots on your balcony or deck! Looks great when planted in front of taller lotus, giving you a layered look....
Plant description Chawan Basu Lotus has impressive cup shaped flowers with white petals tipped with vivid pink! Yellow-green receptacle and yellow stamens add beauty and interest to this exceptional specimen!A very special lotus that is popular worldwide. Dwarf-Medium/Versicolor/Single-Petal Planting instructions Plant in wide, shallow container in heavy loam soil in...
$37.00 - $42.00
Chu Chu LotusDescription Simply dazzling in an ornamental container on your deck or patio! This little lotus packs a punch when it come to rich-red color and bloom after bloom all season long. Small in size--big on beauty! ALWAYS A SELLOUT! Dwarf/Brilliant-Red/Single Planting Instructions Plant this little gem in a...
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$33.50 - $38.50
Colorful Brocade LotusDescription Swirls of ruffled petals in pastel shades of pink and cream adorn this impressive lotus. The bright-green receptacle adds allure to this captivating specimen! Blooms add texture and interest and stunning green foliage adds beauty and interest to your water garden setting! (Plant in a wider container...
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Crab Claws LotusDescription Delicate pinks and yellows along with creamy-whites and elongated petals give this rich, full lotus flower a peony-like appearance. Adds an elegant touch to your water garden setting. Always a customer favorite! Exquisite of Bowl-Dwarf/Changeable/Multi-PetalPlanting Instructions Plant this delightful little specimen in an eleven to 30 inch...
Plant description Crab Claws Red Lotus has vibrant red, multi-petal blooms AND striking RED SEED PODS! What an exciting specimen for your pond or patio. Flower petals are white at the base of the petal giving this lotus a lovely and unusual look! CUSTOMER FAVORITE! Planting instructions Wide, shallow containers and heavy...
Dancing Phoenix Lotus Plant Description Dark-pink petal tips embellish this creamy-white, single-petal lotus. Blooms beautifully throughout the summer! These exquisite blooms are held regally above the emerald-green foliage. Small is size, big on beauty! Dancing Phoenix Lotus adds an elegant touch to your outdoor living space. Dwarf/Versicolor/Single-Petal Planting Instructions Plant...
Daydreaming In Jinling Plant Description Heavenly, creamy-white blooms with a hint of lavender-pink across the petal tips add to the beauty of this versicolor lotus. Such a pretty addition to containers on you deck, patio, terrace or balcony! This lotus grows two to three feet tall and looks great when...
Plant description Deepest Loving Lotus, True to its name, you will LOVE the DEEP, DARK-RED color of this lotus flower! Color stays true! Row upon row of ruffled, red petals which help to form this lush, rich lotus specimen. Yellow-gold receptacles as well as attractive green foliage complement this lotus...
$33.50 - $38.50
Dense Dew Lotus Plant Description Lyrical, creamy-white, curled petals with rich, golden receptacles and softly kissed, pink petal tips adorn the blooms on this cup shaped, poetic lotus. Attractive green foliage is a perfect complement for this fine lotus specimen. Exquisite of Bowl-Dwarf/White/Semi-Double   Planting Instructions Plant this lotus tuber...
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Plant description Double Petal Bayi Lotus has soft pink, multi petal blooms that give way to buttery yellow centers and delicate veining on petal tips. Great for small bowls near your water feature, porch or patio. So very lovely! Planting instructions Plant in small, wide, shallow bowl and plant in...
$34.50 - $39.50
Dripping Dew  Plant Description Lovely purple buds have a full, rounded shape that open to luscious, pink blooms with green petaloids. This lotus does not set seed but is does flower often and the double-blooms are long-lasting! A delightful addition to your water garden! Dwarf-Medium/Pink/Double Planting Instructions Plant in a...
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$33.50 - $38.50
Plant description Drunken Concubine Lotus has a beautiful light pink flower with darker pink tips. Receptacles are bright-yellow and anthers are buttery-yellow. A soft and elegant color combination. The flower petals look as though they have been handpainted with subtle brush strokes! Multiple blooms, buds and seedpods make this classic...
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East Dawn Lotus Plant Description The flowers on this exquisite specimen are delicately colored in soft, pastel shades of yellow, creamy white and blush pink. Flowers are intricately formed with double-petals around the receptacle.  Dwarf/Yellow/Double-Petal Planting Instructions Plant in a wide (16 to 20 inches or wider), shallow container using...
Plant description Elegance Lotus is  tipped in ballerina pink with dancing-flying petals and multiple blooms on this spectacular plant! Planting instructions Plant in wide, shallow container in heavy loam soil with 2-4" of water over the tuber. Place in full sun and fertilize monthly once plant is established with two...
Plant description Elite Red Lotus has vivid pink, star shaped 1st day flowers and an exotic, spicy fragrance. Light pink centers look luminous! Planting instructions Plant in wide shallow container with heavy loam soil and 2-4" of water over the soil, plant in full sun and fertilize monthly with fertilizer...
Plant description Embolene Lotus has dazzling dark red buds that open to elegant, dark pink flowers. Flower is a little lighter in color each day. Beautiful in pots on your deck, patio or water feature! Planting instructions Plant in wide, shallow container using heavy loam soil and 2-4" of water...
$34.50 - $39.50
Evening Showers Lotus Plant Description 1st Day flowers have elegant, pink blooms with a hint of sunny-yellow throughout the flower along with golden-yellow receptacles. 2nd and 3rd day flowers are light-yellow tipped in pink! A beautiful addition to your water garden feature, small pond or patio. Planting Instructions Plant in...
Quick look
$37.50 - $42.50
Plant description Flame Clouds Lotus is an exceptional red lotus with contrasting green foliage. Flying/dancing form adds interest. A lively and stunning specimen! Planting instructions Plant in wide, shallow container in loamy soil (topsoil mixed with clay, will hold together if you grab it) with 2-4" of water over top of pot....
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Plant description Glowing Clouds in Evening Lotus has superb, 1st day clear pink flowers that are exceptional. Blooms later in the season-- but once it starts you will have multiple blooms. Well worth the wait! Planting instructions Plant in shallow end of pond or in wide, shallow containers in heavy...
$33.50 - $38.50
Plant description Gold and Resplendence is a marvellous light yellow lotus with creamy-yellow flowers and green petaloids that add drama and interest to this multi-petal beauty. The seed pods are interesting as well, as they have a red tint. The graceful, green foliage adds to the elegance of this fine lotus specimen....
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Plant description Golden Autumn Lotus has radiant- white, multi petal flowers that BLOOM EARLY AND OFTEN! This Exquisite of Bowl Lotus has full, lush flowers with high petal count and are simply magnificent! The outer petals are much longer than the shorter, inner petals, giving this lotus flower a unique...
$37.00 - $42.00
Plant description Golden Horse in Jade Palace Lotus is an exceptional creamy- white lotus with green petaloids and receptacles. Free blooming flowers bloom on this compact plant. Planting instructions EXQUISITE OF BOWL, plant in small, wide, shallow bowls or containers in heavy loam in full sun with 2" of water...
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$35.00 - $40.00
Plant description Green Cloud Lotus is a dazzling white lotus with a green blush on the petal tips. FAVORITE WHITE!!! Prefers shallow water. This exquisite gem is perfect for a sunny spot on your deck or patio! Planting instructions Plant in wide, shallow container in heavy loam soil with 2"...
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