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Adding New Fish And Tadpoles To Your Pond

When introducing new fish or tadpoles to your pond, there are a few rules of thumb you should adhere to:

1.) Be ready for the arrival of new fish or tadpoles. Make sure you have used an appropriate water conditioner to remove chloramines from the tap water and have ammonia remover, should the addition of new fish cause an ammonia spike.

2.) Take the new fish or tadpoles to the pond immediately upon arrival, DO NOT open the box or bag until you are at the pond site

3.) Gently release the new fish or tadpoles into your pond. Do not pour the water from the bag into the pond, place only the tadpoles in the pond.

4.) NEVER float the bag in the sunlight as they fish or tadpoles will cook!

5.) Report any signs of distress or DOA within 24 hours! 

6.) Do not feed new fish for 5-7 days, if ever, the 5-7 days is to allow your pond to adjust to the new nutrient spike your fish will be adding to the water, which can lead to ammonia and death for your fish. Feeding them will only increase the nutrient load!

Fish and tadpoles will eat the naturally occurring algae in the water along with any mosquito larvae. Tadpoles like to munch on some oxygenators like Hornwort or Vallisneria as well as using these plants for cover from predators. Make sure there are some plants in the pond to offer cover for fish and tadpoles, as well as shade on hot, sunny days. Plants will provide areas for fish and frogs to spawn as well as cover for small fish.

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