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How Do I Plant My Lotus Tuber?

How Do I Plant My Lotus Tuber?

Follow these steps carefully when planting your Lotus Tuber

 When the tuber arrives it is likely sent 2-4 weeks prior to proper planting. Keep the box in the refrigerator until days are consistently 75-80 and nights no lower than 50 degrees. Much of the central and northern USA this would be the middle to end of May and not sooner.

When getting ready to plant your lotus tuber, you will want to prepare your soil mixture ahead of time. Do this buy purchasing a bag of top soil and a bag of pool filter sand. Fill your container about 2/3 full with a mixture of 2/3 loam topsoil and 1/3 pool filter sand. You can purchase a bag of loam topsoil at Lowe's or Home Depot (purchase an unbranded variety as the brands like Scott's or Miracle-Gro have too much composted material in them. Purchase your Pool Filter Sand at a store where pool supplies are sold.
  • 2/3 Loam Soil
  • 1/3 Pool Filter Sand
When water is added the mixture should form a ball in your hand when you grab it!
  1.  Dig a shallow trench across the top of the soil mixture
  2.  Place your lotus tuber in the trench, being careful not to break or damage the growth tips, gently bring soil up around the lotus tuber being careful to keep the growth tips exposed
  3.  Gently add 2-3 inches of water above the soil (the smaller the variety, the more shallow the water). If the water should become cloudy or have an oily sheen, gently pour out the water and gently add fresh water, being careful not to disturb the tuber
  4.  Place the lotus container in full sun, in a week or so you should have coin leaves on the surface of the water
  5. Once you have aerial leaves (not coin leaves) growing out of the water, you may fertilize your lotus with 1/2 the recommended dosage of slow release fertilizer (we recommend and sell Waterlily World Fertilizer Tabs + Humates)
  6. Once your lotus is established, you can fertilize every three weeks during the growing/blooming season with the regular dosage of fertilizer, for healthy plants and best bloom!
  7.  Hopefully, you have had an opportunity to look over the hundreds of beautiful lotus we have to offer here at PondMegastore.
  8. Once you have made your lotus selection, you will have to provide a no holes pot to grow your lotus. The size of the lotus you have chosen will also determine the size of the pot that you will use.
  •  Exquisite of Bowl will use 11-15 inches in diameter container
  • Small or Dwarf will use pots 16-20 inches in diameter
  • Medium sized lotus will use a pot 18-30 inches in diameter 
  • Tall lotus will use pots 24-48 inches in diameter or wider
Pot size will also determine how large your lotus will grow and how many flowers it will have. Cramming a tall lotus in a small pot will stunt the growth and not allow as many blooms. We also recommend round pots as this allows the runners the freedom to run around the pot and not get stuck in a corner!
     Here are some basic rules regarding aquatic soil:
    • DO use a mixture of 2/3 loam topsoil along with 1/3 pool filter sand to create a planting mix for your Lotus, Waterlilies and Aquatic Plants.
    • DON'T use 100% calcined clay
    • DON'T use Potting Soil as it is light and will float right out of the pot and it will also foul your water!
    • DON'T use composted materials as they will rot and foul your water.
    • DON'T purchase API Aquatic Planting Media or Microbelift Aquatic Planting Media as these are not suitable for waterlilies, lotus or aquatic plants. These are only suitable for submerged grasses.
    Bog Plants (Wetland Plants) prefer poor, acidic soil.

      What size container is best for my lotus flowers?

      • Exquisite of Bowl-Small               11-15 inches in diameter
      • Small-Dwarf                                   16-20 inches in diameter
      • Medium                                          18-30 inches in diameter
      • Tall                                                  24-48 inches in diameter, or larger

      Necessary tips from Pond Megastore, when planting lotus in my pond or patio:

      • Always plant you lotus tuber outdoors. Lotus that are started indoors often become weak and die. Lotus don like to be moved or disturbed so plant it only one time, in its final position in full sun all day. 
      • Lotus tubers can be kept in the crisper of your refrigerator until proper planting time in your area
      • Lotus tubers should be planted around the second week of May, if possible. This allows the lotus enough growth and strength to make it through the winter. In the deep south you can plant them a little earlier. 
      • Never fertilize your lotus until you have aerial leaves growing up, out of the water. Fertilizing too early will kill your lotus.
      • Always plant your lotus in full sun
      • Check your lotus throughout the summer to make sure there is always water above the soil.
      • When deadheading or removing spent blooms or damaged leaves, always cut the stems above the water level, if you cut the stem beneath the water level, it will drown your plant, as lotus stems are hollow.


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