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Nymphoides 'Snowflakes of the Water Garden'

 Variegated Indica Nymphoides or 'Butterfly Snowflakes'  are delightful little plants for the water garden, especially a small water garden, pond or container garden. Exquisite white flowers adorn the Butterfly Snowflake with lovely markings on the leaf that resemble a butterfly's wings. With blooms the size of a quarter that stand above the small lily pad- like leaves. The pads on the Butterfly Snowflake are about the size of a silver dollar, much smaller than our smallest waterlily pad! Absolutely enchanting with a fairy garden nearby! When you see the word 'Indica' associated with nymphoids, it is referring to the white varieties. 

Butterfly Snowflakes grow well when potted in heavy loam soil (although they look as though they float effortlessly on the surface of the water). They like very warm temperatures and expire in cooler weather below 50 F degrees. The depth of the water should be 3-18 inches deep in full to part sun. 

Nymphoides Geminata  'Yellow Variegated Snowflake' is a charming variety with star shaped flowers that are yellow with frilly, fringed petals and variegated,heart shaped, green pads. The flowers are about the size of a quarter and the pads are a little larger than a fifty cent piece. Smaller than the smallest waterlily we sell here at Pondmegastore! This variety needs to be planted in small pots with heavy loam soil and placed in 3-18 inches of water in full to part sun. A perfect plant for small ponds, water features, tub or container gardens. This variety does best in warm weather and is considered an annual in the north, as they do not overwinter below 50 F degrees. 

Nymphoides Peltata has small, yellow, buttercup-like blooms over the green pads. This variety is considered invasive as the seeds are hardy, making it much too invasive to sell by responsible pond plant dealers.

Nymphoides Crenata or the Purple Mosaic or variegated form is often misclassified as  Nymphoides Geminata, and there are several other nymphoids that are misclassified as well.

The ability for nymphoides to reproduce or fecundity is by 1.) Seeds (an example would be nymphoides peltata)     2.) By runners ( an example would be nymphoides crenata) or 3.) By a break or tear on the underside of the leaf in an existing plant that allows new plantlets to emerge, forming roots as well as leaves and ultimately a new plant that can be potted up and planted. (Examples would be nymphoides cristata and nymphoides indica)




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