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Pond Plant Collections: An Experts Choices + Savings for You!

Our Pond Plant Collections are created to help you choose the better plants for your pond or water garden rather than simply choosing plants by photo that may be improper for your region. These collections include "Growers Choice Plants", The Growers Choice takes into consideration your location along with what plants are looking really nice for shipping at the time your order ships. This eliminates a common error where customers choose plants that look pretty in the photos however are poor choices for their region of the USA. So a person on the coast in Washington State buying the same package as someone buying the same collection in central Alabama may very well have different plants chosen due to the areas they are when we see the order for any plant labeled with a Growers Choice remark in the title. Example: "Growers Choice Red Waterlily". Any item not listed as growers choice usually does well in all regions of the USA for growing in spring through summer. Some of our collections include our Aquatic Fabric Containers and the Floating Plant Collections and the Bog Plant Collections will not as those are not needed in every instance. Please be aware when looking at what is included. 
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