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Water Hyacinths Are A True Floating Plant

The Water Hyacinths is a sumptuous plant with emerald green foliage and exquisite lavender blooms.

The Water Hyacinth  (Eichorina Crassipes) are a true floating plant, an aquatic plant that is native to the Amazon Basin. It is one of the most popular and most frequently purchased pond plants available. The reason this plant is so popular is for the relative ease of planting, as you do not have to plant Water Hyacinths, simply place this lovely pond plant on the surface of the water with the roots facing down.

Placing Water Hyacinths in your pond instantly provides shade for fish! Providing shade, while increasing the uptake of nutrients from the water, helps to avoid green water, Water Hyacinths are often considered a water purifier. 

Above the surface of the water bulbous, glossy leaves appear on the succulent, thick, leathery foliage. The flowers on the Water Hyacinth are very  pretty and come in lovely shades of light blue to lavender-violet. Below the surface of the water, the fibrous roots aid in removing nutrients from the water aiding in algae elimination, as well as helping to filter small particles from the water. The roots can hang down as much as 12 inches and this helps to provide cover for small fish and fry.

Many people use Water Hyacinths as natural biofilters by placing them in the top portion of the pond, and circulating the water through the roots of the Water Hyacinths before entering the main body of water.

Scientists at NASA have studied the Water Hyacinths for years, for treating and recycling wastewater. Water Hyacinths purify water at a fraction of the cost of conventional wastewater treatment methods.

Water Hyacinths have been used throughout the world to aid in the treatment of wastewater. Although not used expansively, Water Hyacinths have been used to treat high concentrations of suspended solids that are mainly algae cells and are quite effective in removing them from the wastewater. Water Hyacinths were studied and proven successful at removing Nitrogen and Phosphorus from the water as well as heavy metals.

When water temperatures are ideal, (70-80 degrees) and sunlight requirements are met, Water Hyacinths reproduce quite rapidly. It is important to remove some of the plants at this point to avoid over-crowding. This helps reduce disease and helps to increase the oxygen levels in the water. Water Hyacinths bloom when the plant is stressed or feels threatened. and never need to be fertilized.  

Water Hyacinths are a Tropical plant that require 70-80 degree water temperatures as well as full sun. Dozens of small towns in the south are using Water Hyacinths as their primary method for treating wastewater. The City of San Diego in California, and Epcot Center in Florida, both operate Water Hyacinth water treatment plants

Other uses for Water Hyacinths are:

Medicinal Rub for Horses

Organic Fertilizer

Animal Feed

Bio Fuel

Used in perfumes and cologne

Used in production of paper, rope and furniture

Fun Facts:

Water Hyacinth seeds are viable for 30 years or more!

Water Hyacinths are high in carotene!

Please Note:

Water Hyacinths are considered invasive in some areas and are illegal in some states.  We ask that you be responsible with the Water Hyacinths that you purchase from PONDMEGASTORE and never release Water Hyacinths into waterways. 



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