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Hybridizer, Tony Moore

 Hybridizer, Tony Moore

Some of the most exquisite, hardy waterlilies we sell at Pondmegastore, were hybridized by a good friend of ours, Tony Moore, hybridizer and owner of Moore Waterlilies. Many of his hybrids are Award Winning Waterlilies from the International Water Garden Society and the International Waterlily Collection.

About hybridizer, Tony Moore;

Tony studied horticulture at Cincinnati State College and the University of Cincinnati. He lives with his lovely wife, Dawn, who works with him at Moore's Waterlilies in Bethel, Ohio.

Tony is a self taught hybridizer, who taught himself the art of cross-pollination. His hybrids include: 


Pictured above is hybridizer, Tony Moore, standing next to a natural bottom pond with his hybrid, Fucshia Pom Pom Waterlily!

Fuschia Pom Pom Waterlily is simply incredible! It has lush, full, cup shaped flowers that have a 100+ petal count and the color is rich and vibrant. The early pads are red, maturing to solid green and make an excellent complement to this exceptional waterlily! Once established, Fuschia Pom Pom will bloom from June through October in every state but Alaska!

Plant this exquisite, hardy water lily in an earth bottom pond or a wide (14 inch +) container, using heavy loam soil, where it will get 6+ hours or more of sunlight each day. Fertilize every three weeks with pond tabs and enjoy the show stopping blooms!

Awesome Waterlily is simply AWESOME! We still don't know how hybridizer, Tony Moore, got the blooms to be so large! The HUGE, peachy-pink flowers with golden-yellow stamens are scrumptious. Enjoy bloom after bloom after magnificent bloom, all summer long! Blooms are often 10-13 inches across.

Plant Awesome Waterlily in a wide container (20 - 30 inches in diameter) or in an earth  bottom pond, using heavy loam soil and make sure it gets 6+ hours of sunlight each day. Fertilize with pond tabs every three weeks to keep the blooms coming well into September and October. Pads are green and delicately marked.

Pink Pom Pom Hardy Waterlily is another hybrid of Tony Moore. The sweet, cotton candy-pink blooms will delight you! Beautifully shaped flowers will add beauty to any pond or water feature. Plant in a wide container and place 12 - 24 inches beneath the surface of the water, using heavy loam soil, or plant in earth bottom ponds. Make sure your waterlily is getting at least 6+ hours of sun each day as well as fertilizer every three weeks. The flowers on Pink Pom Pom are sweet perfection!

Lemon Meringue Waterlily comes in delectable shades of lemon chiffon. Delicate shades of yellow caress the petals of this dreamy specimen. The flowers are full and sit heavenly on the surface of the water. Plant this hardy waterlily in heavy loam soil using a wide container or earth bottom pond, Place in full sun and fertilize every three weeks for months of color during the summer right up until fall!

Painted Lady Waterlily looks as though an artist took a brush and delicately hand painted each perfect petal. Breathtaking blooms of pink perfection with airy striations throughout the petals. Plant this one where you can see it! Simply takes your breath away. Large, wide containers or earth bottom pond and plenty of sunlight along with regular feedings of pond tabs or granular fertilizer. These blooms will blow you away!

Cranberry Waterlily is another addition to hybrid Tony Moore's collection. Imagine a crystal goblet filled with cranberry juice. That's the color you will see in Tony's exquisite Cranberry! The rich, cranberry-red color holds each day and the blooms are simply spectacular! The dark green pads make a perfect pairing for this exotic bloom. Another exciting addition to the water garden world!

Snowflake Waterlily is another one of Tony's amazing hybrids. Delicate, white waterlily blooms with simply a breath of pink brushed over the long petals. This amazing specimen is practically ethereal, floating angelically on the surface of the water. A heavenly touch for any pond or water feature.

 Waterlilies are the crown jewels of the pond. They add beauty as well as function to the water garden feature. Waterlilies aid in the reduction of algae as they compete for the same nutrients in the pond, waterlilies add shade and cover for fish in the pond and waterlilies are simply beautiful to see, sitting magically on the surface of the water! Thank you, Tony, for some of the most breathtaking, hardy waterlilies we have seen.



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