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What Are The Benefits Of Fabric Planters?

What Are The Benefits Of Fabric Planters?

The benefits of fabric planters are listed below: 

  1. Most importantly, fabric containers allow plant roots access to oxygen
  2. Easy to use
  3. Easier to ship with plants, as the bags can be folded and added to your plant order
  4. Lower shipping costs, as we can send containers in smaller boxes and fabric planters are much lighter than plastic pots

Some of the benefits of fabric planters are obvious, some are not so obvious. When you allow your plants' roots access to oxygen, several things will occur. When nutrient rich water passes over and around the surface of the roots of your plants, a rapid uptake of nitrates and other nutrients occurs. This helps to starve the naturally occurring algae in the pond. Plants have an enormous effect on absorbing nitrates and eliminating algae. Your plants will grow faster and larger, as their exposure to oxygen at the roots increase. 

Fabric planting bags are easy to use, just unfold, fill 1/2 full with heavy loam soil, add plant and a little more soil and gently lower to the pond floor, on risers in the pond or on the shelves. Fertilizer tabs can be added as needed. If the plant bag is too tall, simply fold it down until proper height is achieved. 

Fabric planting bags keep soil or aquatic planting medium in the bag while allowing oxygen to pass through the bag. Air circulation around the roots help create healthier plants. These bags are lightweight, yet strong. Great for most water garden plants like iris, canna, papyrus, waterlilies, water celery, golden club, sedge, grasses, pickerel rush, lizard's tail and most other water garden varieties. 

(We do not recommend fabric planting bags for lotus, as lotus require a no holes, solid container)

*Old model fabric pond plant bags from Laguna can be found here. 


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