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Why Azolla Is Our Number One Seller!

Why Azolla Is Our Number One Seller!

 Azolla is our number one, best seller and our customers usually purchase this plant as a food source for their backyard turtles or koi fish. It is an excellent food source that is high in protein, vitamins and minerals. Some of our customers purchase Azolla in large quantities as a supplemental food for their livestock.

Azolla is often referred to as Fairy Fern or Floating Fern. The delicate, fernlike foliage is quite attractive and easy to grow. The plant simply floats on the surface of the water.

Plant Facts: 

Azolla is a tiny plant that is a member of the fern family. It is green with a blush of reddish-pink over the tiny leaves.

Azolla is an amazing plant that can double it's size in 48 hours!

Azolla is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet!

Azolla is a symbiotic super-organism that actually captures nitrogen from the air!

Azolla exists symbiotically with Nostoc, which helps to turn the nitrogen in the air, into food and fertilizer for  Azolla

.For centuries,Asian farmers from China, Vietnam, Thailand and other Asian cultures have planted Azolla alongside rice plants for their symbiotic value as Azolla adds nitrogen to help fertilize the rice plants.

Azolla is being used worldwide as a multipurpose protein source for livestock. It can be used for cattle as it is low in lignin, making it easy to digest. It can also be used to supplement the diets of goats, fish (aquaculture), pigs and poultry as it is high in protein, vitamins and minerals. It is a healthy supplement and aids in weight gain, increases milk production and adds to the overall health of animals. 

Azolla is easy to grow and can be grown in any closed body of water. Along with pulling nutrients from the air, Azolla also pulls nutrients from the water helping to aid in the prevention of algae. Azolla needs NO soil to grow. Azolla may eventually deplete the nutrients from a body of water and nutrients will ultimately have to be reintroduced.  Azolla can be spread from one body of water to another as the plant can be easily transported on the feet of birds.

Growing Azolla is an effective way to create a regenerative crop without harming the environment. Azolla also helps to keep food prices down as farmers don't need to spend money on fertilizers when growing Azolla. Azolla can be planted in water, allowing other plants space in the garden.

Science Behind Azolla

Azolla is one of the most studied plants on the planet regarding:

  1. Bio-fuel
  2. Natural Fertilizer
  3. Food Source for Humans as well as Livestock
  4. Wastewater treatment 
  5. How Azolla helps to combat Global Warming
  6. Sustainable Agriculture
  7. Symbiosis
  8. Doubling time (Period of time required for a quantity to double in size or value)

     There are numerous studies, applications and adaptations regarding Azolla throughout the world


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