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Chinese Red Jiaxing Lotus

Plant Description

Chinese Red Jiaxing Lotus has dazzling, brilliant-red, classic, single petal flowers that are very large. The intense color stays true and looks spectacular next to the striking, green foliage. One of the Chinese City Series from Mr. Ding Yueshing. Chinese Red Jiaxing Lotus grows 4 feet tall or taller when planted in very wide (24 - 48 inch wide) or wider containers.

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Planting Directions

Plant your lotus tuber in mid May when nights are consistently in the 50's or warmer, and daytime temperatures are consistently in the 60's or warmer. Wide temperature variations will slow the growth of your lotus. Fill your lotus container 2/3 full of loam soil, dig a shallow trench across the surface of the soil and gently place your lotus tuber in the trench. Cover all but the growth tips with two inches of soil, while keeping the growth tips exposed. Gently add six inches of water above the soil and place your container in full sun outdoors. (Lotus need at least 8+ hours of sunlight to grow and bloom.) In a week or two your lotus should have coin leaves growing on the surface of the water. A week or so after that your lotus should have aerial leaves growing out of the water. Once you have aerial eaves, you may fertilize your lotus.

Fertilizing Instructions

Once you have aerial leaves, it is time to fertilize your lotus. Simply press three or four fertilizer tabs into the soil near the roots of your lotus, being careful not to damage the roots. Each month thereafter, press 5 - 6 fertilizer tabs into the soil. Do this once a month (June through September) as these are the growing/blooming months. We recommend Waterlily World Fertilizer Tabs + Humates for optimum growth and best bloom. Your lotus should grow and bloom the very first year!


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