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Azolla Caroliniana also known as  Azolla or Fairy Moss, this floating fern is very small and floats on the surface of the water and resembles duckweed.

    • Azolla grows approximately 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch in size and green to red to green in color depending on light. More shade more green. 
    • It grows best in slightly oxygenated water rather than totally calm water but can overtake the surface of a small pond.
    • Cordon off a small area to place Azolla. 
    • Azolla grows from the nitrogen it captures from the air.
    • Azolla is one of the most studied plants on the planet. Scientists have studied Azolla for many reasons. Some scientists think that Azolla was formed millions of years ago and helped to cool the planet.

  • Scientists also study Azolla as a BioFuel since it grows so quickly and does not leave a negative footprint on the ecosystem.
  • Azolla can multiply its weight throughout the summer months!
  • Farmers use Azolla to supplement the food they feed their livestock as well as planting it alongside their rice crops to help increase yield. 
  • Azolla contains vitamins and minerals and is rich in protein.

 Most of our customers use Azolla to feed their fish a healthy snack!

We sell Azolla by the 1/2 lb. portion.

No planting is necessary, simply place on surface of the water, (make sure azolla is not piled up upon itself, try to even out the azolla over the surface).


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