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 Water Lettuce Water Lettuce (pistia-stratoides) a warm water loving plant, is a lovely, rapidly multiplying little plant that grows effortlessly on the surface of the water. The leaves are medium green, velvety and form sweet little rosettes that are just 3 to 4 inches in width and grow 2 inches tall. This plant prefers to be in a pond or body of water with at least a little movement in the water rather than perfectly stagnant. 

Small plantlets form from runners from the sides of the plant while small, white, inconsequential flowers bloom within the rosette. Rosette Water Lettuce is much prettier than the Jurassic Water Lettuce. Rosette Water Lettuce provides many functions for your pond:

  • Provides shade for your fish
  • Provides protection and cover from predators
  • Helps with algae elimination as it competes for the same nutrition

Rosette Water Lettuce is a tropical plant and needs warm water and temperatures to survive. It is considered an annual in the north. Rosette Water Lettuce turns yellow when the temperatures go below 50 degrees. Water Lettuce will not tolerate nights at or below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. When you receive your Water Lettuce, place it in a bucket or baby pool with pond water and place it in a shady area or an area with filtered sunlight for the first 24 - 48 hours. 

PONDMEGASTORE TIP: For more vigorous growth, add a teaspoon or two of miracle-Gro to your pond!

Water Lettuce is restricted as an invasive species in: FL, TX, AL, SC, LA, MS, and WI. 

Please Note: Different plants have different requirements. When placing Water Lettuce on your order and choosing Proper Planting Time, this may delay your order as we will wait for proper planting time for all of your plants before shipping. 



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