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Vanilla Milkshake
Top Blooming, Large Waterlily

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Everyone loves Vanilla Milkshake, this one is even for those who are lactose intolerant. Very easy to grow but these big flowers are going with a large root system and need the 15 inch wide pot or an earth bottom pond to be enjoyed. They like room and fertilizer if going in pots so best for bigger ponds. Wow what a showstopper. They still prefer shallow water from 1 to 2 feet but will grow to three as all large hardy waterlilies will and just bloom less when they get deeper. 

Full sun of 6 hours direct sun minimum for blooming but wow it blooms a lot unless it needs dividing. Fertilize in pots monthly or twice a month and you will have lots of flowers. You probably never need to fertilize in earth bottom ponds. 

This plant is sterile and wont seed or take over so great for farm ponds, lakes, retention ponds and similar large situations!

Best planted in loam soil at 1 foot in-depth but up to two feet in spring up to 8 weeks before frost.  4 to 6 fertilizer tablets if keeping in a 15 inch or wider pot. We have 15 inch wide fabric hardy lily pots and fertilizer fish safe aquatic tablets!
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