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Caerulea Waterlily (Also known as the Egyptian Blue Lotus). Caerulea Waterlily is a striking, light-blue waterlily that was once worshipped by the Egyptians. Also known as the Sacred Blue Lilly of the Nile, Caerulea tropical waterlily, has had an amazing history. The stunning, stellate blooms on the Caerulea Waterlily are light-blue and held high above the surface of the water and above the solid green pads.



Plant your Caerulea Waterlily in large, wide, shallow containers using heavy loam soil and place 1-2 feet beneath the surface of the water, in full sun.

Fertilize with Landon Granular Fertilizer or Waterlily World Pond Tabs.

Fun Fact The Caerulea Waterlily was known as 'The Egyptian Blue Lotus' and as the 'Blue Lily of the Nile'. This waterlily was not only carved into almost every monument in ancient Egypt-- but carved into ancient Egyptian history, culture and mythology as well. Cerulea Waterlily is from the genus Nymphaea and was revered by the Ancient Egyptians and was considered the most sacred of plants.

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