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Chiquita Punch Canna / Dwarf Orange Punch has pretty flowers in citrus shades of orange with a hint of lemon zest! Really packs a punch! This canna makes a BOLD statement in the flower garden or in your pond. The bright orange flowers contrast nicely with the emerald-green foliage. Exciting color all summer long!


Height 15-18" tall

Width 6-8" wide

Sunlight Requirements Full sun to part shade

Moisture Requirements Moist soil

Fertilize Fertilize throughout the growing blooming season, May through September

Bloom Time All summer long into fall, depending on zone

Zone Hardy in zones 7-10




Planting Directions

 Plant in moist soil with 1/2 an inch of soil above the rhizome, in your flower bed--or plant in planting baskets or containers with holes, for your pond (using at least a 10" wide container or larger). Allowing the roots access to oxygen in the water will help your plants grow faster while the plant takes up extra nutrients in the pond, helping to eliminate algae. Plant in full sun to part shade. Fertilize plants in the pond once a month, with Waterlily World Fertilizer Tabbs. In northern climates, lift bulbs after first frost by carefully digging up the rhizomes, trim away all leaves, shake off excess soil and rinse rhizomes to remove any soil. Allow to dry in a well ventilated area for a week and store in a cool, dark, dry place indoors. Replant in spring after all danger of frost has passed.

PONDMEGASTORE TIP When using planting baskets in the pond, always line your basket with newspaper to keep your heavy loam soil in the container. The newspaper will disintegrate at a slow rate, keeping your pond clean and clear. 

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