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Detective Erika Purple Water lily Plant Description 

Available to the masses again in spring 2020. Not before, we want to make sure everyone has an opportunity to purchase one when they return to sale. 

The Detective Erika Water lily is an amazing purple, winter hardy waterlily from award winning hybridizer, Zijin Li.

This water lily plant is FAR superior to the earlier purple hardy water lilies on the market. Detective Erika Hardy Waterlily is an amazing bloomer--by that I mean it 'blooms like crazy'!

Detective Erika looks similar to a tropical purple lily, and does not suffer from hooded petals or a leggy growing pattern as we have seen in other hardy purple varieties. Detective Erika's flower petals are drenched in vivid-purple color with golden-yellow centers. Flower petals contrast the dark-green leaves beautifully! One of the loveliest purples we've seen!

This is a fantastic waterlily that we wholeheartedly endorse as THE purple hardy lily you want to buy!

Detective Erika Waterlily Planting Instructions

Note: Though this is a very winter hardy waterlily. Because it's parantage is from both a tropical water lily and a hardy water lily you NEVER want to plant our grown out plants in chilly water as they will usually abort the leaves and go into dormancy. We need to add these when water temperatures are near 70 degrees at the level your pots are placed so that is a few weeks after regular hardy waterlilies get planted in the pond, closer to when you would plant a tropical. These will also come up about 3 to 5 weeks after normal hardy waterlilies as they do not want to grow when the water is cool. We suggest these be moved to shallow areas of the pond which are a few degrees warmer during growing season***

Plant in a  16 wide x 7 high container or larger, using heavy loam soil or aquatic planting media with 5 or more hours of sunlight daily. 
We suggest planting winter hardy waterlilies once the water is 62 - 65 degrees or better in the spring. Plant no later in the year than 4 - 5 weeks before the first frost. 

Detective Erika Waterlily Fertilizing Instructions

Fertilize monthly with Waterlily World Fertilizer Tabs + Humates throughout the growing/blooming season or use a slow release fertilizer like Landon Fertilizer for 80-90 days of slow release fertilizer!

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