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Elite Red Lotus has row upon row of ruffled, fancy outer  petals and light pink inner petals which give it a luminous quality. Elite Red Lotus has an exotic, spicy fragrance to add to its allure! This unique and unusual lotus hybrid will grow 2 1/2 - 3 feet tall when planted in a wide, shallow container (14 - 24 inches in diameter) or wider. Elite Red Lotus is an ornate variety that is sure to please!  Elite Red Lotus grows to  3  feet tall.

A printed version of our new Lotus Booklet now comes FREE with all Lotus Purchases!

Plant in wide, shallow container (14 - 24 inches wide or wider) with heavy loam soil and 3 - 4 inches of water over the soil, plant in full sun and fertilize monthly with fertilizer tabs once plant is established with aerial leaves growing out of the water. 

Pondmegastore Tip There are many different factors that determine the size and height of your lotus. The lotus variety will determine, to a degree, how large your lotus will grow but other factors also play a part in determining how tall your lotus will grow

1.) Pot size

2.) Sunlight

3.) Fertilizer

4.) Temperatures 

Choose a variety that will work well in the space provided. The wider the container, the taller your lotus will grow and the more blooms you will have. Lotus need plenty of sunlight, provide as much sunlight as possible (8+ hours per day). Fertilizer is important as well, never fertilize your lotus until you have aerial leaves growing out of the water. If you fertilize your lotus too early, you can kill your lotus. The leaves of your lotus should be a beautiful shade of green, if not, you are probably lacking nutrients and you should fertilize your lotus. (We recommend Waterlily World Fertilizer Tabs + Humates for robust plant growth and best bloom). Start your lotus in the month of May when temperatures are consistently in the 50's or better at night and day time temperatures are in the 70's.  Starting your tuber in the month of May allows the lotus to make and store enough energy to over-winter. Your lotus should grow and bloom the very first year!


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