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Deep-green, jointed stems add interest to your water garden setting as well as adding a tropical look. These are slender stalks that resemble bamboo, with  a striking, upright habitat. Horsetail Rush grows by runner and it is best to keep them contained in a pot or container. Adds beauty and texture to your water garden setting. This is a perennial herb that reproduces by spores, not seeds. The slender stems do not have leaves or flowers. The tall, slender rush-like stems look great in highly stylized gardens or at the edge of ponds, adding height and vertical interest.

Grows 4.5 to 5.5 feet tall

 Also know by many other common names!
Equisetum_hyemale, aka Dutch Rush, aka Puzzle Plant, aka scouring rush ... there are probably more!


Plant in 12" wide and 12" deep container with heavy loam topsoil in the bottom of the container and inch or so of water above the soil. Giant Horsetail can be planted in containers and placed in shallow water in your pond or simply in containers on your deck, terrace or patio, for an architectural look. Grows well in moist soil and full sun to part shade. Very hardy and cold tolerant and hardy to zone 3

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