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Micro Miniature Cattail (Typha minima)

Plant Description


Micro Mini Cattail is a lovely little dwarf cattail that adds beauty and grace to any pond setting or container garden. Micro Mini Cattail grows 10 - 18 inches tall with small 'tails' blooming between July and September, depending on zone. Micro Mini Cattail is a smaller, more slender version of the common cattail. The thin, grass-like foliage and small, cherubic catkins add an authenticity to your water garden feature. I t is important to note that this small cattail cannot tolerate deeper depths than 1 (one) inch of water above the roots.

DO NOT COVER WITH ROCK OR PEBBLES, this plant is too tender to tolerate stones on top or water deeper than 1 inch from the soil to the surface. Moist soil to 1 inch of water above the roots is the only level into the water the micro cattail can tolerate.

The Graceful Dwarf cattail can tolerate 1 to 6 inches of water and grows somewhat taller than the micro mini cattail 

Height 10 - 18 inches tall

Width   6 - 8 inches

Sunlight Requirements  Full sun to part shade

Moisture Requirements  Moist soil with up to 1 (one) inch of water above the roots. 

Zone Hardy in zones 3 - 10



Plant in 1 - 2 gallon containers using heavy loam soil, (NEVER ROCKS OR STONES), plant in full sun to part shade. Place container in water with only one (1) inch of water above the roots of the plants and divide when pot becomes full. Micro Mini Cattails cannot tolerate water deeper than one (1) inch above the roots. Leave pot in pond over the winter at the same depth, plants should come back in the spring.

*Please note, Micro Mini Cattails can only tolerate one (1) inch of water above the soil. If you need a cattail that will tolerate deeper depths, choose Graceful Cattails (Typha Laxmannii)

NEVER PLANT YOUR POND PLANTS IN ROCKS AND NEVER PLACE STONES ON TOP OF THE SOIL. Rocks and stones will crush the tiny roots of new plants and will not allow plants to grow and thrive.



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