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2021 Red Canal Lotus is drenched in vibrant-red color over the magnificent, red, multi-petal blooms! The flowers stand out nicely from the emerald-green foliage. This is a Medium to Large Lotus growing  three feet or taller. Centers are gold receptacles or occasionally green petaloids. Red Canal Lotus is an early bloomer and blooms beautifully throughout the summer! Canal Red Lotus is one of the prettiest lotus you will find!

Planting Instructions

Plant in 20 inch wide containers, or wider, using loam soil and add three inches of water above the soil. Place your lotus where it will receive 8 - 10 hours of sunlight daily.

Do not fertilize until you have aerial leaves growing out of the water.

We recommend Waterlily World Fertilizer Tabs for optimum growth and best bloom.

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