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SACRED LOTUS SEEDS, Nelumbo Nucifera (4)
BONUS!!! FREE Special Growing Instructions included (LS)

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Sacred Lotus Seed , Medium to Tall Sacred Nelumbo from Asia. Lotus Seed is NOT Genetically stable as a tuber would be from vegetative reproduction. The genetics are not consistant even if the flower was self pollinated. Therefore Lotus seed can vary greatly form Mother plant to the baby. We reccomend if you an exact copy of the plant in question always go by tuber rather than seed as the DNA of the plant will be stable and not change. 

Our Lotus Seed come with a Growing Guide for planting seed, the week and month in the Northern Hemisphere are incredible important if you want to overwinter this plant. 

You should not be transplanting the seedling from one small pot to a larger. It should be planted in its final container for the year after germinating. 

Yes seedlings can bloom the first year though unlike tubers they wont always. They still need full uninterrupted full day sunlight, in order to bloom you should not have any other plants growing with their pot or above their pot in the water. 

Want to know more? Including the short 6 week time frame you have each year in which to grow lotus for blooming and overwintering? The instructions are sent with every set of seeds!

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