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Plant Description

Shoot Fire Lotus is an OUTSTANDING lotus, drenched in bright-red color and with perfect form. Shoot Fire Lotus is adorned with bright, yellow-gold receptacle and stamens. The attractive, green foliage is a perfect complement to this medium-tall, single-petal lotus. Shoot Fire Lotus grows to 4 feet tall or taller. The wider your container, the taller your lotus will grow.


Another SPECTACULAR Lotus from the Old South Series!

Planting Instructions

Please Note

(Lotus may be stored in the crisper of your refrigerator until proper planting time for your area). (Lotus should be planted by the month of May, after all danger of frost has passed).

Plant this Medium-Tall specimen in a wide (18 - 48 inches wide or wider) shallow container using heavy loam soil Dig a trench in the soil and gently place your lotus tuber in the trench, taking care not to break or damage the growth tips. Cover the tuber with soil while keeping the growth exposed. Add 4-6 inches of water above the soil and place in a sunny location outdoors. In a week or two you should have coin leaves on the surface of the water, a week or two after that you should have aerial leaves growing out of the water. Once you have aerial leaves, it is time to fertilize your lotus.

Fertilizing Instructions

Lotus are very heavy feeders! We recommend Waterlily World Fertilizer Tabs + Humates for optimum growth, best bloom and ease of use. Simply press four to six fertilizer tabs into the soil near the roots of your lotus, taking care not to damage the roots. Do this once a month, throughout the growing/blooming season, (June through September). Your lotus should grow and bloom the very first year!


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