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 Thalia Dealbata (aka, Hardy Water Canna)

Thalia Dealbata or Hardy Water Canna, is a lovely aquatic plant with large, handsome, blue-green leaves. In mid-summer, taller spikes of purple blooms emerge in clusters. Foliage grows to 3 feet tall in height and flowers bloom on taller stems. Native to wetlands in parts of Nebraska to New York and through southern United States. Beautiful blue-green foliage is canna-like in appearance with interesting, purple flower spikes that grow taller than the foliage. When planted in large containers or planters, these plants make a striking focal point adding beauty and grace to your water garden setting.

*Also known as Hardy Canna, Powdery Thalia or Powdery Alligator Flag and is a member of the Marantaceae

Great for water gardens and earth bottom ponds. This is not a plant that koi, carp, or turtles tend to target. Great for erosion control. Great replacement for the very invasive cattails. 


Height  Foliage grows 3 feet or a little taller and the beautiful purple flowers which come on all summer stand above the striking beautiful 

Width   3 foot spread spread or wider

Sunlight Requirements  Full sun

Moisture Requirements  Wet with a few inches of water above the soil

Bloom  Purple flowers in Mid June throughout August above the foliage

Zone  Hardy in zones 6 - 12



Plant in moist, loam soil with a few inches of water over the roots. Can be planted in 12 inch wide pots that are 12 inch deep, (5  - 20 gallon pots work well too) and placed in the pond with up to 12-18 inches of water above the crown of the plant, or naturalized in marshy soil or wetlands. Thalia Dealbata grows well in full sun to part shade. Hardy to zone 6 - 12

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