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Vallisneria Torta
Winter Hardy Oxygenating Pond Plants
Great for goldfish and tadpoles!

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Vallisneria torta (short winter hardy vallisneria) is also known as eelgrass, sometimes water celery though so is another aquatic plant that grows above the surface, or tape grass and grows beneath the surface of the water. A beneficial oxygenating, freshwater plant that has strap-like foliage and upright habitat. Leaves are sometimes spiraled and this plant is very prolific via root division. 

Spreads by runners and  can grow quite tall underneath the surface of the water.

Sold as individual, small plants, not in bunches.

Grows well in full sun to part shade and helps add oxygen to the water and reduce algae, as both plants compete for the same nutrients. Vallisneria should be placed in containers 1 - 6 feet beneath the water's surface. Vallisneria can grow to depths of 6.5 feet if there is enough sunlight. Vallisneria torta is hardy to zone 5

Plant in the substrate or small container of sandy soil, loam soil, or 1/8 inch aquarium gravel to anchor the plant. Cover just the root, leaving foliage exposed. 

 The Underwater plants will not thrive in gravel larger than aquarium stones. Vallisneria must be fully submerged and added to the pond. arrival. 

Sold as individual plants 3 to 6 inches tall. Hardy to zone 5

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