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Dwarf Golden Japanese Sweet Flag or Dwarf Golden Japanese Sweetflag has flat, variegated, aromatic, iris-like leaves that make this pond plant an attractive grass for your pond. Dwarf Golden Japanese Sweet Flag is adorned with green and creamy-yellow stripes over the foliage. Dwarf Golden Japanese Sweet Flag looks great when planted in a bog area near your pond or in pots on shelves in your pond. This pond plant adds  texture as well as vertical interest. Dwarf Golden Sweetflag looks great when planted amidst the rocks to soften rockery. Grows 6 - 12 inches tall with clumping habitat. (Also an edible herb)

Height  Grows 6 - 12 inches tall

Width 6 - 12 inch spread

Sunlight Requirements  Full sun/part shade

Moisture Requirements Moist soil to shallow water

Zone Hardy in zones 6 - 9



Plant this aquatic pond plant, Dwarf Golden Japanese Sweetflag, in moist soil near your pond or in your bog area, in full sun to part shade. May also be potted in heavy loam soil and placed on shelves of your pond with an inch or two of water above the roots. Great for naturalizing in moist bog areas, marshes or wetlands. Dwarf Golden Japanese Sweetflag does well in stream beds or on the edges of natural ponds as well. Fabric planters work well for this delightful aquatic pond plant.

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