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Ammonia Remover (Microbe Lift)

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Ammonia Remover from Microbe Lift

Ammonia Remover is important for new pond owners as well as owners with established ponds. Never add new fish to a pond without preparing for an ammonia spike. After new fish are added-- the pond can go out of balance within hours, leading to a mass fish death. Chlorine is not the only thing to worry about, add ammonia remover on day 1, 2, 3,  and 4,  after adding new fish, as a precaution. Microbe-Lift Ammonia Remover may also be used for pond start up, during partial water changes and when replacing lost water due to evaporation.

Microbe-Lift Ammonia Remover does the following:

  • Helps to remove ammonia from pond water
  • Helps to remove chlorine as well as chloramines
  • Helps to remove toxic ammonia
  • Treats ammonia burn in pond fish
  • Helps reduce fish stress by giving beneficial bacteria time to multiply

Safe for pond fish and aquatic life



Follow label instructions

Available in 16 oz, 32 oz, and 128 oz.

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