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Microbe-Lift Stress Relief (Gallon)

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Microbe-Lift Stress Relief                                                                                          1 Gallon Size

Microbe-Lift Stress Relief  helps to speed up the healing process in ornamental pond and aquarium fish with:

  • Blood spots
  • Compromised slime coats 
  • Raw tissue             

Microbe-Lift Stress Relief also helps to:

  • Improve alkalinity levels
  • Helps to remove chlorine
  • Aids in removing toxic free ions in heavy metals in copper, zinc and iron
  • Helps to eliminate chloramines

  Microbe-Lift Stress Relief contains Aloe Vera, which helps with:

  • Wound healing
  • Restores healthy slime coat
  • Helps to heal missing scales 
  • Adds additional vitamins and immune supplements to help minimize infections

Microbe-Lift Stress Relief is not a medication and should not be used instead of recommended medications. It should be used when fish are stressed  by being transported, placed in a new environment or when fish show signs of stress.

Follow dosing reccomendations

Keep out of reach of children 

NOT intended for use on fish for human consumption

One gallon size treats up to 7,680 gallons


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