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We offer Champion water Lilies, Lotus Plant Varieties, & Water Garden Plants

For our customers with large earth bottom natural ponds:

Both Native plants and ornamental impact plants are excellent an excellent choice for natural ponds. Do not think of weeds or even cattails which will quickly get out of control in an earth bottom pond.

Native plants prevent erosion, keep the water clean and clear and add a lot of character to the natural setting. 

What Plants/Native Plants are best for my natural earth bottom ponds?

Different parts of the country should use different plants around the edge of their ponds.

In the southeastern USA some great shallow water plants include


  • Thalia Dealbata
  • Red Stem Thalia
  • Sagittaria Latifolia (Duck potato or hardy arrowhead)
  • Golden Club 
  • Red Stem Arrowhead
  • Pickerel Cordata
  • Pickerel Dilatata (Royal Pickerel Rush)
  • Variegated Water Celery
  • White Calla Lily
  • Canna Longwood Pink Erebus
  • Canna Longwood Endeavor
  • Canna Cleopatra
  • Canna Orange Punch
  • Louisiana Iris (All Varieties) - Ann Chowning, Black Gamecock, Fortune Finder, Clyde Redmond, Colorific, Red Velvet Elvis, Handmaiden, .....
  • Blue Flag Iris

and more!

What waterlilies do you suggest for Natural Earth Bottom Ponds that will not take over.


Waterlilies that do great in the south and southeast for large natural earth ponds: (Note many turtles, koi, carp, muskrats and some large fowl will dig up and eat waterlilies) 


  • Lemon Meringue, 
  • Awesome, 
  • Vesuve, 
  • Clyde Ikins, 
  • Colorado, 
  • Perry's Double Yellow, 
  • Pink Pom Pom, 
  • Crazy Pom Pom, 
  • Strawberry Milkshake, 
  • Virginalis, 
  • Snowflake, 
  • Cranberry, 
  • Firecracker, 
  • Sunfire, 
  • Tropic Star, 
  • Siam Angel, 
  • Gregg's Orange Beauty, 
  • Perry's Orange Sunset, 
  • Fuchsia Pom Pom

Most of these are not seed producers and are much easier to contain in a natural pond. 

Where can I buy Water Garden Plants?


Pond Megastore is thrilled to offer a wide selection of pond plants. Common species, Native Aquatic Plant Species, New Pond Plants for Marginal areas. All these water garden plants are offered direct to your home by FedEx or mail. 

  • Heavy Blooming Water Lily Plants & Champion Water Lilies
  • Chinese Lotus Cultivars & American Lotus: Over 200 Varieties total
  • Floating Pond Plants: Sensitive Fern, Water Hyacinth, Water Lettuce, Azolla, Duckweed,...
  • Oxygenating Pond Plants / Filtering plants like Hornwort
  • Winter Hardy Aquatic Plants which overwinter in an in-ground Pond.

    How do I plant my Water Lily and Water Garden Plants?

    Full instructions for growing water lilies, lotus plants, marginal plants, and oxygenating pond plants can be found in the menu under "Instructions for Planting Your Pond Plants", with special instructions on planting Lotus, Australian Waterlilies and more!

    Most plants will require a good size container and proper soil which is a heavy loam soil, which is basically topsoil, which you never have to purchase. However, if you have red or yellow clay in your backyard, you can prepare a loam soil for a few dollars. Learn why fabric containers are often better than solid containers for plant growth and healthy roots.

    Also remember to fertilize aquatic plants, outside of pitcher plants most aquatic plants will benefit from a boost in food, especially Water Lilies and in summer the Lotus plants. 

    The Water Lily & Water Garden Plant Nursery

    Water Lilies & Pond Plants of all types are grown for ornamental backyard ponds, natural swimming pools, bog filters, and natural ponds.

    We have the widest selection of Lotus, Marginal shelf plants, and Water Lily varieties in North America.

    We work directly with champion hybridizers of Water Lilies be it large companies or individual hobbiests to bring you the most rewarding water garden experience.

    For decades koi fish have been the leading conversation in the world of ponds and the plants have taken a back seat, often being overlooked.

    One reason is that koi eat water lilies and many other pond plants. Goldfish are much more conducive to sharing a water garden with water lilies and floating plants. Koi fish come from Japan where they are minimalists in the garden and you typically would not see a lot of plants in a koi pond.

    Lotus or marginals that can grow at the surface or are too big for large koi to dig up roots. We have a wide selection of over 220 Lotus varieties for 2017 and should have over 250 varieties come 2018.

    Annual Water Lilies are the talk of the town. Why spend $25-$35 for a plant?
    These fantasy, easy to grow plants are huge in comparison to other plants.
    They can flower every day, to or through October, depending on your location.
    Let us not forget that Annual Water Lilies are highly fragrant!

    Benefits of Water Lily Plants

    Water Lilies can protect goldfish and other species from birds or other predators, they block just enough light to slow algae and work with oxygenating grasses like hornwort, or bio filter plants like water celery, Louisiana iris, and pickerel to remove excess nutrients from the water also preventing algae growth.

    There are many tips on water lilies, lotus, and floating pond plants throughout this new website. Please let us know if we can be of more help while we update and improve our new home here on the internet. We hope to inspire you to try some new pond plants and will are delighted to deliver them to your doorstep!

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    Everything You Need To Grow your the Best Watergarden Plants!

    How to Plant 'Pond Plants'
    How to Plant 'Pond Plants'
    Aquatic Plant Soil, You need this!
    Aquatic Plant Soil, You need this!
    How to get Explosive Blooms
    How to get Explosive Blooms
    Growing Lotus in / out of the Pond
    Growing Lotus in / out of the Pond
    Shade loving Pond Plants
    Shade loving Pond Plants
    Earth Bottom Ponds & Natural Swimming Pools
    Earth Bottom Ponds & Natural Swimming Pools
    Invasive Aquatic Plants by State
    Invasive Aquatic Plants by State
    Koi Ponds are not Water Gardens!
    Koi Ponds are not Water Gardens!
    The amazing people behind the varieties <br> we love have a lot to teach us.
    The amazing people behind the varieties
    we love have a lot to teach us.
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