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Shipping times Pond Plants & water lilies. Other goods...

Spring Shipping Schedule / and the winter obstacles 

Shipping Guide for Lotus, Submerged Oxygenators and Floating Plants, Waterlilies, Marginal Pond Plants, Fish, Snails and Tadpoles

1.) Lotus - can only ship Mid MARCH - Early MAY

Please note: Water Lotus Tubers are sent early and separate from other plants and live orders. We grow our lotus at a separate growing facility on a farm in Alabama. Your Lotus Tuber will arrive in early spring, and because they are dormant, they will store easily in the crisper of your refrigerator until proper planting time.

We sell and send our lotus tubers on a first come, first serve basis from January until May.

*Please carefully follow the planting directions that we send to you along with your lotus tuber!

2.)Submerged Oxygenators and Floating Plants

For those of you ordering submerged, oxygenating plants or floating plants for indoor use, lab use, pet use, etc. We can usually send these submerged oxygenating pond plants year round.  There may be a few days or weeks it is just too cold to ship in which case we need to wait until the weather breaks. 

3.) Waterlilies and Marginal Bog Plants

Please Note: We do not ship by zone.
USDA zones have nothing to do with spring temperatures.
An example would be that coastal west zone 9 is far colder than southeast zone 9.  
We use ACCUWEATHER.COM to assign ship dates based on the requirements of the plants you order. 

Also, we can no longer ship most waterlilies or marginal bog plants in winter or until Mid March or April 1, due to the small size of the plants at that time of year and due to the cold.
Our customers expect these plants to be large sized all year long.
These plants are smaller in size during the winter months as they are in dormancy.

Waterlilies and Marginal Bog Plants will ship to warmer areas beginning in mid-March.
Plants to warmer locations like Florida and Hawaii will begin shipping sometime in March and April.

                                              *Contact us and we can let you know what plants will be available early!                            

               orders@pondmegastore.com                  or call 330 488-2115

Orders that consist of all Hardy/Perennial Waterlilies or Hardy/Perennial Marginal Pond Plants can be shipped when night temperatures are consistently 45 degrees and day temperatures are in the 70s.
We use ACCUWEATHER.COM historical temperature averages to assign earliest spring dates to orders. Once the weather breaks we will not hold orders. 

If any of the plants you order are cold sensitive (Tropical/Annual), it will push your order back 2-3 weeks until lows are around 50 and days are in the 80s. 

Tropical plants will be shipped when temperatures are consistently 45-51 degrees.                                               NO EXCEPTIONS!

4.)Fish, Snails and Tadpoles

Fish, Snails and Tadpoles are cold blooded and can be shipped in early spring.

We advise that you DO NOT ship your live order (plants, tadpoles, fish or snails) to postal boxes as postal boxes can become quite hot or may be overlooked.

There is no guarantee on live products shipped via the Postal System. The reason for this is that the Post Office does not guarantee arrival dates. They will only estimate delivery time. Our records show that through the Postal System:

85% of our deliveries arrive in 2-3 days

10% of our deliveries arrive in 4 days

5% of our deliveries in 5-7 days or more

We do realize the cost differential, but with our experience with live plants, fish, snails or tadpoles, FedEx is a much better option!

Placing Orders

Orders placed Thursday 6:30 am through Monday 6:30 am will ship Tuesday, via your shipping option Priority Mail OR FedEx


Orders placed Thursday 6:30 am through Tuesday 6:30 am will ship the following Monday, or 1st day of the week if Monday is a holiday.

Please Note:

Orders placed Monday 6:30 am-Tuesday 6:30 am, from Memorial Day until October 7th, (these orders will ship the following Monday as the Post Office will not guarantee that the plants will arrive by Saturday. The temperatures in the mail trucks can reach as high as 180 degrees during the summer months.

October 8th through the Winter, and up until Memorial Day, we will ship on Wednesdays by Priority Mail or by FedEx. FedEx will ship to any location that can get 3 day ground delivery, by Friday for businesses and by Saturday for residential deliveries. 

Please Note: This is NOT Express 2-day FedEx, as Express 2-day FedEx is twice as costly!

Orders placed Tuesday 6:30 am through Thursday 6:30 am will ship the following Monday, or 1st day of the week if Monday is a holiday. This applies to both Priority Mail and FedEx options.

FedEx online checkout is 2 Day Ground service in much of the southeast, or 3 Day Express Saver (3 Day cannot ship after Tuesday, as live plants must arrive by Friday), so if ordering by FedEx on Tuesday or later, your order will ship the following week.



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